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We are exploring the possibility of expanding our community with the addition of K-4!

BASIS Charter Schools are tuition-free and feature a critically acclaimed, liberal arts and stem inspired curriculum. The BASIS Curriculum inspires students to love learning, to develop a fascination for critical inquiry, to be independent and formulate their own goals, and to graduate prepared for top-tier colleges. It offers foundations in language, literacy, civics, history, science, math, movement, engineering and technology, Mandarin, performance arts, visual arts, and music.

Our courses of study are designed to challenge and inspire; students become scientists, artists, writers, mathematicians, linguists, computer scientists and engineers. Even in the youngest grades, the BASIS Curriculum is designed to help students establish a deep foundation of disciplinary knowledge to fuel critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

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Unparalleled Outcomes

  • International Benchmarking: BASIS Curriculum students are positioned at the top of the world in critical thinking and problem solving in math, reading, and science.
  • National RankingsBASIS Curriculum Schools are consistently ranked as some of the very top schools in the country. Our rankings and reputation help us attract outstanding teachers.
  • Advanced PlacementThe BASIS Curriculum for our students in grades 8-12 utilizes the College Board’s AP courses and exams as a respected outside measurement of high-level knowledge and achievement.
  • Awards and Distinctions: BASIS Curriculum graduates earn impressive awards and distinctions based on their academic achievement throughout their high school careers.