Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025 Click here to apply to multiple schools easily through our online portal.

Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025

Contact BASIS Charter Schools

Thank you for your interest in BASIS Charter Schools. If you have a question for the Central Administrative Office, please contact BASIS Charter Schools by selecting the appropriate email address below. 


For questions about the application and enrollment process:

Arizona, Louisiana, D.C.: [email protected] 

Texas: [email protected] 


For questions about the BASIS Charter School Curriculum:

Texas: [email protected] 

School Management

For questions about school management:

Arizona, Louisiana, D.C.: [email protected]

Texas: [email protected] 

Public Records Requests

For public records requests, please email:

Shannon Chavez, Associate Vice President, Compliance Services

(480) 289 2088

[email protected]

(Note: Please send requests for student academic records directly to individual school offices.)

Contact BASIS Charter Schools
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Looking to contact an individual school?

If you have questions for a specific school, please reach out to that school directly. Our “Find a School” page features links to individual school web pages. From your school’s web page, you can find information such as the school’s address, phone number, and office hours. You can also view contact information for school leadership.

World-class education is in your neighborhood

The BASIS Charter School network is made up of 37 tuition-free, public charter schools across Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

Through our STEM-infused, liberal arts curriculum, we empower students to achieve their best each day. Our primary schools focus on laying a strong academic foundation and instilling a love of learning, while our middle school and high school programs prepare students for success in college and beyond. BASIS Charter School students consistently exceed national and international academic standards—and have fun while doing so.

To learn more, contact BASIS Charter Schools, sign up for our newsletter, or visit a campus in person by scheduling a tour.