STEM-Infused and Liberal Arts Based

The goal from day one at BASIS Charter Schools is to develop a love of learning, the desire to excel, and the ability to rise to academic challenges.

In order to create a curriculum that both challenges and supports your student, we did our homework. By studying the highest performing schools across the globe, BASIS gleaned the most innovative ideas and techniques to design a curriculum that works in the moment, yet is able to be reimagined each school year.

This curriculum includes subjects that may surprise you, Mandarin, engineering, classic literature, linguistics, and economics; and they are taught earlier, in primary and middle schools, than you might expect. All three sciences, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are introduced in sixth grade to prepare your student for honors and Advanced Placement® level work.

Classes are taught by Subject Expert Teachers (SET) and in grades 1–3 in conjunction with Learning Expert Teachers (LET) to create a specialized and individualized approach. Key concepts and skills are spiraled from Kindergarten through High School to instigate better connections between subjects, and to prepare for Advanced Placement® Exams. This reinforcement and advancement of concepts sets your student up for successful retention and absorption of the material.

Applying today’s knowledge and building upon it for tomorrow’s problems exercises your student’s critical thinking skills giving them the confidence to face future challenges head on.

Students and faculty are completing school work remotely through our distance learning program, Although offices on campus are closed, our administrative teams are working remotely, and we are here to help!