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Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025

Grades 4–7 Curriculum

Layering in Enhanced Skills and Concepts

In grades 4–7 your student will be changing courses, teachers, and classrooms every 50 minutes. At this point in your student’s educational journey, they will be introduced to major concepts and skills to help prepare them for the demands of grades 8-12.

As part of the BASIS Charter School spiraled curriculum, those concepts will first include Physical Geography, Introduction to Science, Engineering & Technology, Physics and World History, which are revisited often, in depth, and with increasing complexity. It is likely that your student’s weekly schedule will include, Algebra I, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, a foreign language, English, History, Computer Logic, and an elective in grades 6 and forward.

To set them up for success, your student will be learning academic responsibility, and acquiring organizational skills. It’s an investment that BASIS makes in your student’s academic future to ensure they have the tools to study effectively, are using sound organizational practices, and are accountable for their own education.

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BASIS San Antonio North Central second grade student