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Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025

Grades 8–12 Curriculum

Solid Preparation for Graduation and Beyond: The BASIS Diploma

As your student enters grade 8, they will be mastering complex concepts and skills, taking responsibility for their educational goals, and focusing on their post-BASIS future. To help them prepare for the challenges of grades 10 and 11, they have the opportunity to take a wide range of Advanced Placement® Exams, and post-AP and Capstone courses. On average your student may take 11 to 12 AP® Exams prior to graduation, with their overall grades reflecting test performance.

Due to the accelerated BASIS Charter Schools Curriculum, your student could meet the state requirements to graduate after grade 11. However, most students continue their studies into grade 12 and seniors are given the opportunity to do advanced work. A daily College Counseling Seminar fosters the exploration of different universities, career paths, and scholarship opportunities to encourage your student’s achievement of post-graduation goals. Additionally, our counselors will help your student navigate financial aid, prepare for interviews, and facilitate college planning nights for families.

During the first two trimesters of their senior year, your student will take Capstone courses, which are designed to emulate the college classroom. They will engage in research, lab work, and seminar-style discussion. In their last trimester they may choose to produce a Senior Project which entails intensive off-campus research. The unique nature of this project positions your student for a successful transition to post-graduate endeavors.

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