Kindergarten Curriculum

The Bigger the Foundation, The Stronger the Student

BASIS Charter Schools Kindergarten curriculum takes your student’s natural curiosity and throws it into gear. Capitalizing on that need to explore, you will discover their days are filled with activities and academics that surpass what is considered standard education. With full-day (fees may apply) and half-day options, you can also choose a schedule that works for your family.

Imagine your student acquiring language, literacy and math skills while participating in movement classes. Now imagine Mandarin, engineering concepts, and history as a part of that core program. Think about how they could become even more well-rounded as a full-day student with visual and performing arts, and music foundation classes as a complement to their academics.

What could this do for them? Where might they go?

Getting students excited about learning is at the heart of the Kindergarten curriculum, and each of the two classroom teachers will help prepare them for the challenges ahead. Starting them off in a nurturing environment that values learning is the first step.

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BASIS San Antonio North Central kindergartner

BASIS San Antonio North Central kindergarten student

What will your kindergartner’s day look like at BASIS Charter Schools?