Grades 1–3 Curriculum

From Skills Acquisition to Building Knowledge

In grades 1–3 your student will be supported in the classroom by a Subject Expert Teacher (SET) and the assistance of a Learning Expert Teacher (LET). Our SETs are degreed experts in their subject matter and have the autonomy and creative freedom to design their own lessons. Working to ensure that your student is performing to the best of their abilities, LETs travel class-to-class with their core group of students to support them throughout their day with individualized progress monitoring. This level of student-teacher engagement emphasizes the ability to identify students who are struggling and in need of extra support. Your student’s LETs will routinely communicate with you on their progress.

Language and literacy, math, civics, history, science, and physical education are the core courses for students in grades 1–3. Enrichment in the form of fine arts, and Mandarin classes, round out their curriculum, and provide a creative outlet. These courses provide a base on which to build further knowledge, and skills, and are repeated each year in increasing complexity to encourage material retention.

Unique to grades 1–3 is our Connections course which engages students with scenario-based problems. Using their own ingenuity to work through the scenarios, your student will build bridges between the subjects. By placing your student “in” the problem, they build critical thinking, teamwork, and creative skills.

All of these components work together to prepare your student for the challenges ahead in grades 4–7.

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