Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025 Click here to apply to multiple schools easily through our online portal.

Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025

BASIS Charter Schools: Raising the standards of student learning

to the highest international levels

You may know that BASIS Charter Schools prides itself on its STEM-infused, college preparatory, K–12 tuition-free curriculum. World-class academic excellence is what drives BASIS, and your student will be challenged to conquer high level concepts.

What you may not know is that our teachers are degreed subject experts in their fields who support big ideas, creative solutions, and a sky’s-the-limit attitude in discovering what is possible. They are given the autonomy to teach their material as they deem most effective, so there are no pre-packaged lesson plans. The term “cookie cutter” does not apply here, and individualized instruction at BASIS Charter Schools includes not just one educator per classroom at the primary level, but two. Most importantly, our teachers are cultivating your student’s desire to expand their knowledge base and are creating generations of lifelong learners.

We embrace inclusion, and a unique sense of community at each campus. Creative thinking, innovation, and problem solving, stems from being able to freely express oneself, so you won’t see your student in a uniform on any of our campuses. What you will see is your student being an active participant in their education. They will be encouraged to lead, connect, collaborate, and hold themselves accountable for their successes and failures. Your student will learn to meet and resolve conflict and view the world through global eyes to prepare for societal challenges.

None of this is accomplished without hard work, but we are committed to supporting your student’s academic goal setting and achievement. Communication journals, filled out by you, your student, and their educators assist in organizing each learning day, and ensure a high level of transparency in monitoring progress.

This commitment is how our graduates earn, on average, over $100,000 in college scholarships per student. These graduates move on to some of the nation’s top universities fully prepared to meet the demands of college coursework. Their success is our success.

We encourage you to join our interest list, take a campus tour, RSVP for an event, and experience what makes BASIS Charter Schools the community to explore and expand your student’s potential.

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What makes BASIS Charter Schools unique?


The BASIS Charter Schools network has always treated teachers as the true professionals they are, and on each of our campuses, everyone has a profession. The teacher’s job is to know, inspire, and educate our students via a combination of the BASIS Charter School Curriculum and their own creativity.

Intellectual Tolerance

BASIS Charter Schools do not mandate agreement or uniformity of ideas, experiences, or philosophies. We do require mutual respect as an outgrowth of acknowledging the complexity and value of other perspectives.

Striving for Excellence

At BASIS.ed we’re proud of our charter schools’ and students’ outcomes. Yet we always look to improve, as do our students. In fact, a BASIS Charter School student’s educational progress is a continuous process of learning from shortfalls, building on success, and analyzing possibilities.

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