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Senior Project Partners

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The BASIS Diploma Senior Project is a selective program that requires students to dedicate the final trimester of their senior year to researching or developing an original idea in a field of their choosing. In addition to developing a project of the student’s choice and design, Senior Projects also entail an off-campus experience, such as an internship, job shadow, or volunteer position. These experiences can take them across the nation or around the world. Students are guided by a faculty member at their BASIS Charter School, plus a mentor (like you) at their off-campus site. Students spend about 15 hours per week, for 10 weeks working with their project mentors to explore their research questions and complete their Senior Project. At the end of the trimester, students present their findings to their peers, teachers, and parents.

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Developed to foster intellectual curiosity, and to showcase their knowledge and skills, the student-designed Senior Project is the culmination of the BASIS Charter School Curriculum. Senior Projects give students the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have developed throughout their time at a BASIS Charter school. Senior Projects also provide a way for our seniors to differentiate themselves from others when applying to colleges and universities.

Students identify topics of interest that mirror their academic and professional goals to prepare a proposal. A BASIS Charter School mentor guides the student through this process and assists them with seeking out organizations that fit their proposal needs. With resume in hand, students contact potential research sites and interview if applicable.

For 15 hours per week, they work with their onsite and offsite mentors to explore their research question. During this time, they are required to produce a weekly blog post, and at the conclusion of their project present and publish their findings.

BASIS Charter School students are advanced learners, two years ahead of a typical high school senior and will have completed a minimum of eight AP® courses going into their senior year. As a result, they have completed the state and school graduation requirements and are able to devote their full attention to the Senior Project.  

These students are looking to collaborate with businesses, agencies, research facilities, and laboratories like yours, to acquire real-world, professional skill sets. They bring a fresh perspective to their mentor site by exploring high-level research questions which can further your organization’s operational goals.

Due to our students’ extraordinary work ethic, knowledge and skills, our schools receive requests year-after-year to place seniors. Many students use the Senior Project process to explore career options and are often offered internships by their onsite mentor(s).

Enrich the academic and professional future of a BASIS Charter School student while investing in the success of your organization by participating in the Senior Project program.

Students identify possible areas of interest and develop a research plan and proposal. Students then contact possible partners and provide resumes for review. If you’d like to register your interest in being a possible partner for BASIS Charter Schools students, please fill out the form above and you will be added to a list of potential partners for our students to review.

BASIS Charter School students have worked with a wide array of partners in diverse fields throughout the United States and many other countries. Below is a small sampling of business partners our students have worked with.

Senior Project Partners

Below is a sample list of organizations our seniors have partnered with

AniCell Biotech 

American Cancer Society 

Architectural Resource Team 

Arizona Department of Forestry & Fire Management 

Arizona Department of Health Services 

Arizona Department of Water Resources 

Arizona State University 

Art and Sol Performing Arts Program 


Central Bank of Indonesia, Representative Office (New York City, NY) 

Charest Lab, University of Arizona 

Coast Education Center in Kenya 

Community Legal Services

Cropsticks by Cropmade (Los Angeles, CA)

DC United 

Desert Botanical Garden 

Foothills Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine 

Franchise Marketing 

Freedom Family Counseling 

Grand Canyon University: Mastering Anatomy Program 

Hospital Nacional Nicolasa Cruz (Jalapa, Guatemala) 

Kaibab Veterinary Hospital 

Maricopa County Democratic Party  

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College 

Michaels Creative Jewelry 

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Spacecraft Mechanical Engineering Section

Omnicom Group, Inc. (New York, NY)

Philippines Department of Science and Technology – PAGASA 

Phoenix Children’s Hospital 

The Compassion Center 

The Marquis Law Firm 

Times Publications – Ahwatukee Foothills News 

TEGNTranslational Genomic Research Institute 

Trinity Capital Investment 

UC Santa Barbara – Neuroscience Research Institute 

U of A Space Systems Engineering Lab 

University of Advancing Technology 

University of Arizona 

Woolaver Orthodontics 

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