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BASIS Baton Rouge Materra Receives “A” Rating From Louisiana Department of Education

We are thrilled to announce that BASIS Baton Rouge Materra has received an “A” rating from the Louisiana Department of Education.  

Every year, the Louisiana Department of Education publishes School Performance Scores for all schools in the state. These scores are based on criteria such as year-to-year student academic progress and proficiency on the state assessment by students in grades 3–8.  

For 2023, BASIS Baton Rouge Materra received a score of 90.8 and an “A” letter grade. This marks an improvement of 9.6 points from the school’s 2022 score of 81.2.  

In securing this rating, BASIS Baton Rouge Materra has been recognized as one of Baton Rouge’s top schools. Notably, BASIS Baton Rouge Materra is the only “A”-rated school in East Baton Rouge that does not select its students. BASIS Baton Rouge Materra is open to all students!

This accomplishment reflects the dedication of the amazing students and passionate educators on campus, as well as our supportive community. BASIS Baton Rouge Materra is a high-achieving school with high-achieving students!  

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At both BASIS Baton Rouge Materra and its sister school, BASIS Baton Rouge Primary Mid City, we are committed to providing world-class, tuition-free education. This year, like every year, we will continue to look closely at our curriculum and work with our teachers to keep innovating and improving. 

Congratulations again to each and every hardworking student, teacher, family member, and staff member who made this achievement possible! 

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Amy Licht
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