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BASIS Charter Schools: #1 Once Again!

BASIS Charter Schools dominated the just-published U.S. News & World Report 2024 rankings with 11 campuses in the nation’s Top 100 out of nearly 25,000 schools. BASIS Peoria leads the way as the #1 ranked public high school in the United States.

The BASIS Charter Schools network has returned to the academic apex, as one of its campuses is once again the #1 public high school in the nation. Overall, 11 BASIS high schools are in the Top 100 public high schools in the country and also dominate the national charter school rankings.

The nation’s new best high school – out of nearly 25,000 assessed by U.S. News & World Report for its 2024 rankings – is BASIS Peoria.

“How deserving – it’s an incredible campus!” said BASIS Educational Ventures co-chairman Patti Bezanson. “Students, families, teachers, and staff at BASIS Peoria should be extremely proud – what an awesome accomplishment. BASIS Peoria does great things; that’s always been the case. This year, those great things were better than any other campus in America!”

BASIS Peoria is not alone in its celebration. In US News’ unveiling of its rankings on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, the twelve BASIS Charter Schools eligible for this year’s rankings solidified the network’s position at the summit of American education. Nearly 25,000 schools were assessed, and nearly 18,000 were ranked. Not only did BASIS sweep the national rankings with 11 schools in the top 100, but it also swept rankings of the nation’s charter schools and STEM campuses, plus state rankings, too.

“No other district or network comes close to matching that,” said Dr. Craig R. Barrett, Chairman of the Board of BASIS Charter Schools. “It is testament to our K-12 curriculum, our educators, and, most of all, our students.”

BASIS Peoria opened in 2011 and serves middle school and high school. “It’s a place where kids are serious about their studies, but truly have fun with it,” says BASIS Peoria Head of School Melissa Rankin. “It’s a supportive community, with wonderful families, passionate teachers who carry themselves with professionalism, and, obviously, utterly incredible students – from 5th graders to high school seniors. They deserve this!”

“While the rankings capture our journey, it’s the steadfast dedication of our students and teachers that truly catalyzes our student success,” said BASIS Educational Ventures co-chairman Dr. Peter Bezanson. “Let’s note that while these are high school rankings, and our high school students have incredible high school teachers – that journey starts well before 9th grade!”

He continued, “These excellent rankings are a product of hard work by our primary school teachers, too. Each BASIS primary school, and every teacher and staff member on those K-4 campuses, directly share in these awesome accolades. They, too, deserve the thanks; they, too, must take pride in these rankings.”

BASIS has eleven schools in the top 100 in America, in the national rankings of all types of schools. US News assessed nearly 25,000 schools and ranked nearly 18,000.

State Rankings

BASIS has the #7 school in Texas. BASIS San Antonio Shavano is the only BASIS Charter School in Texas eligible for the rankings. It is the only school in the state’s top ten with non-selective admissions. “We are still growing in Texas,” said Peter Bezanson. “We have campuses in Austin, North Texas, and San Antonio that will be joining this fabulous Shavano campus in the rankings in the coming years!”

BASIS DC is the #3 school in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Amy Licht
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