Ranked in the top 25 Arizona High Schools

All 11 BASIS High Schools Ranked in List of Top 25 Arizona High Schools

In case you missed it, all 11 of our high schools in Arizona were ranked in the Top 25 (actually, the top 20) of Stacker’s list of best public high schools in Arizona. The schools and their rankings are below, along with links to the schools’ web pages.

You can read the entire article describing these rankings by clicking here.

#1 BASIS Oro Valley (A+)

#2 BASIS Scottsdale (A+)

#3 BASIS Tucson North (A+)

#5 BASIS Phoenix (A+)

#6 BASIS Ahwatukee (A+)

#7 BASIS Chandler (A+)

#8 BASIS Peoria (A+)

#9 BASIS Flagstaff (A+)

#12 BASIS Mesa (A+)

#15 BASIS Goodyear (A+)

#18 BASIS Prescott (A+)

Congratulations to the faculty, staff, students, and families at our Arizona high schools.

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