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Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025

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Welcome to BASIS Tucson North, home of the Kestrels!

Our tuition-free, public charter school serves students in grades 5–12. We are proud to be part of the BASIS Charter Schools network which has been providing world-class education since 1998. Each of our campuses follows a STEM-infused, liberal arts program designed to guide your student farther than they ever thought possible.

Everyone at the Tucson North campus is here to cultivate a love of learning, natural curiosity, and a desire to excel in your student. Their success is our success.

U.S. News & World Report: 2024 Best U.S. High School Rankings

  • #2 Tucson, AZ Metro Area High School
  • #4 Arizona High School
  • #7 STEM High School in the U.S.

5740 E. River Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85750
Google Map
(520) 207 0076

Office Hours: M-F, 7AM - 5 PM
Summer Hours: 7AM - 1PM

School Leadership

Monika Mendoza
Monika Mendoza
Head of School

Monika has worked in education since 2002 and has been with BASIS Charter Schools since 2014.

  • MEd, Education, Northern Arizona University
  • BAE, Education, University of Arizona

[email protected]

Scott Burrell
Scott Burrell
Head of Operations

Scott started working in education in 1998, beginning as a higher education teacher and curriculum developer in fields of IT and business, continuing in various roles of compliance and leadership, and publishing multiple volumes on systems and communications infrastructure. Scott joined BASIS Charter Schools in 2022.

  • MBA, Technology Management, Colorado Technical University
  • BS, Management, Colorado Technical University
  • AOS, Computer and Network Technology, Collins College

[email protected]

Linda Swango, Director of Upper School Programs
Linda Swango
Director of Student Affairs

Linda has 35 total years in Education, 30 of which were spent in Sunnyside School District in Tucson as a teacher, instructional coach and principal. She has been at BASIS Charter Schools since 2017 and has served as the Director of Student Affairs for grades 8–12.

  • MA, Language, Reading and Culture, University of Arizona
  • BA, Elementary Education, University of Arizona
  • Post Masters, Principal Certificate
  • State Certified, Elementary Teacher, Reading Specialist, K–12 Principal

[email protected]

Audrey Keicher
Audrey Keicher
Director of Academic Programs

Audrey began her career at BASIS Tucson North in 2012. Since joining BASIS Charter Schools, she has taught French for grades 7–9 and P.E. for grades 7–12. Audrey also coached volleyball for 11 years and held the role of Athletic Director during the 2022–23 school year.

  • BA, Secondary Education, University of Arizona
  • Arizona Teacher Certification in French and Physical Education

[email protected]

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