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Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025

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Announcing the 2024 BASIS Educational Ventures Scholarship Recipients

We are proud to announce the Class of 2024 recipients of the BASIS Educational Ventures Scholarship!

Valued at $5,000, this scholarship is awarded to graduating BASIS Charter School seniors who display academic excellence in the development and execution of their Senior Projects. Unique to BASIS Charter Schools, Senior Projects consist of 10 weeks of off-campus, high-level research on an approved topic. After carefully reviewing this year’s impressive projects, winners were selected by Peter Bezanson, CEO and Co-Chairman of BASIS Educational Ventures, and Patti Bezanson, Co-Chairman of BASIS Educational Ventures.

Every high school in the BASIS Charter School network had at least one winner. The scholarships were announced during each school’s graduation ceremony, where the winners were called to the stage and presented with a certificate.

BASIS Educational Ventures Scholarship recipients can use their $5,000 prize towards tuition at any four-year college or university.

The full list of 2024 winners can be found below, along with each winner’s project title. The breadth of topics showcased in these winning projects—ranging from biology to business management to blacksmithing—illustrates the varied and unique interests of our 2024 graduating class. Please join us in giving a huge congratulations to these hardworking students!

Keshav C., BASIS Peoria

Headshot of high school senior Keshav C. from BASIS Peoria

Project Title: Australian Media Bias

Megan C., BASIS Goodyear

Headshot of high school senior Megan C. from BASIS Goodyear

Project Title: Fentanyl Overdoses: How Overprescription and Lack of Individual Purpose Has Led to an Increase in Fentanyl Deaths

Trevon C., BASIS Ahwatukee

Headshot of high school senior Trevon C. from BASIS Ahwatukee

Project Title: Stay Inside! It’s Burning Out There!: Exploring the Locality and Dangerous Implications of High Temperatures

Zoey C., BASIS Prescott

Headshot of high school senior Zoey C. from BASIS Prescott

Project Title: Exploring the World of Small Business Management

Juliette D., BASIS Tucson North

Headshot of high school senior Juliette D. from BASIS Tucson North

Project Title: Buzzing About Conservation: A Look Into the Effects of Pyriproxyfen on the Hypopharyngeal Glands in Honey Bees

Brooke L., BASIS Oro Valley

Headshot of high school senior Brooke L. from BASIS Oro Valley

Project Title: The Happiest Vacation on Earth: A Modern and Nuanced Approach to Disney Planning

Liza L., BASIS Chandler

Headshot of high school senior Liza L. from BASIS Chandler

Project Title: Non-Resettlement of Ancient Maya Interior After the Terminal Classic Period

Sydney L., BASIS Washington, D.C.

Headshot of high school senior Sydney L. from BASIS DC

Project Title: Study Buddies: Empowering Education Through Peer Tutoring

Payton M., BASIS Phoenix

Headshot of high school senior Payton M. from BASIS Phoenix

Project Title: A Mission Design to Eris: Exploring the Outer Solar System With an Emphasis on Trajectory Analysis

Connor O., BASIS Mesa

Headshot of high school senior Connor O. from BASIS Mesa

Project Title: Ars Fabricandorum Armorum: The Art of Forging Armor

Alistair P., BASIS Scottsdale

Headshot of high school senior Alistair P. from BASIS Scottsdale

Project Title: Neuroinformatics: Computationally Modeling High-Frequency Oscillations in the Olfactory Bulb

Tez P., BASIS San Antonio Shavano

Headshot of high school senior Tez P. from BASIS San Antonio Shavano

Project Title: Bringing the Chair to the Table: How to Become a Senator

Bella V., BASIS San Antonio Shavano

Headshot of high school senior Bella V. from BASIS San Antonio Shavano

Project Title: Peep in the Deep: A Journey Into Bat Conservation

Aiyana W., BASIS Flagstaff

Headshot of high school senior Aiyana W. from BASIS Flagstaff

Project Title: Analysis of Trauma-Informed Care Screening

Congratulations again to all of these incredible students! To see more student accomplishments from the BASIS Charter Schools network, check out our latest news and resources.

Amy Licht
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