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BASIS Chandler Senior Surpasses Chess Milestones

BASIS Chandler senior Sandeep Sethuraman has been playing competitive chess since he was eight years old. Now, he’s the captain of the chess team at BASIS Chandler and is an International Master—the second-highest title awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

Sandeep became an International Master in October 2022. Since then, he’s continued to compete in state, national, and world championships, all while coaching his fellow players at BASIS Chandler.

Check out our video interview with Sandeep below. 

“The chess community at BASIS Chandler is very tight knit, and I’ve learned so much by being a player and a coach here,” Sandeep says. “I’ve learned to never underestimate my opponents, and to always give my teammates the best possible scenarios for success.”

In August 2023, a cover story written by Sandeep was published in Chess Life magazine, the official magazine of the United States Chess Federation. In his article, Sandeep writes about what it means to win and lose at highly competitive national events.

“Being recognized in Chess Life is amazing,” says Sandeep. “That magazine reaches over a quarter million people every month. So to have my article published and have people read and learn from my analysis, that’s a great feeling.”

Sandeep says that one of the best things about BASIS is the opportunities students have to pursue their individual interests. “There are a lot of courses to choose from, and we’re able to apply those lessons in real life,” he says. “And apart from that, I think the extracurriculars give you the freedom to make your experience your own. When I first came to BASIS Chandler, the chess team was only about five people, and now it’s almost 30 people. I’m really proud of how our chess team has grown over the years.”

We wish Sandeep and the rest of the BASIS Chandler Chess Club all the best as they compete in tournaments this year!

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Amy Licht
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