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BASIS Peoria workshop (image 2)

BASIS Peoria’s Workshop on Medicine, Business, and Beyond: A Huge Success

On Saturday March 26, 2022, BASIS Peoria held its first workshop on Medicine, Business, and Beyond. Nearly 100 people including students, parents, and siblings attended. The event was also broadcast on Facebook Live, and you can check out their feed here.

The workshop attendees talked with, and asked questions of, 23 physicians regarding their fields. In addition to lectures, there was a robotic surgery simulator which put students’ dexterity to the test by handling small objects. Information on everyday health was also available. One flyer (Re-Think Your Drink) was of particular interest as it showed the sugar content of popular drinks. 

BASIS Peoria workshop (image 1)
BASIS Peoria workshop (image 3)

The physicians appreciated the opportunity to discuss their specialties in-depth. They were impressed with the inquisitiveness of our students, and were reminded of their own first-year med students! 

A number of presenters and attendees requested that this workshop become an annual event. We are giving that some serious consideration, so stay tuned! 

Many thanks to Becky, Rakhi, Aaron, Joe, and parent Dr. Rekha Agarwal for organizing this unique event.

Thanks also go out to our sponsors, Medtronics, Banner Health, Southwest Kidney Institute, Dr. Neeraj Singh of Colon & Rectal Care Center of Phoenix (thanks for the robot!), and student Avi Agarwal whose entire stock of Avi’s Sweet Treats was wiped out!

The proceeds of this event benefitted the Annual Teacher Fund.

Amy Licht
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