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Black History Month Resources for Kids

Black History Month is celebrated every February. It’s an opportunity to recognize the contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout U.S. history.

Black History Month has been officially recognized by U.S. presidents since the 1970s, but its origins date all the way back to 1926. February was originally chosen because the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln fall within the month.

Learning about how Black individuals have shaped our society today encourages children to celebrate diversity and recognize the importance of racial equity.

Below, we’ve rounded up some free, digital resources parents can share with their children to help them learn about Black history and culture. These educational resources don’t need to be limited to February, either—you can use them any time of the year! 

Black History 101

African American History at a Glance (Britannica Kids)

This resource provides a brief overview of major events in African American history, with links to learn more about individual people and topics from each time period.

African American History Timeline (BlackPast)

This interactive timeline covers African American history from 1500 to the modern day. The timeline includes links to articles explaining each event.

Black History Month (National Geographic Kids)

This kid-friendly page from National Geographic provides information on how Black History Month got its start, what it honors, and how the celebration has evolved over the years.

Celebrating Black Leaders (PBS Kids)

This learning hub from PBS Kids features a list of questions parents can ask their kids to start discussions on Black history. It also features printable worksheets, coloring pages, and links to informative articles.

How To Celebrate Black History With Your Kids All Year Round (HuffPost)

When Black History Month is over, how can you keep the educational activities going? This article provides ideas for ways to learn about Black history year round. For example, you can read books with diverse characters or attend local cultural events.

North Star: A Digital Journey of African American History (Smithsonian)

The website for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC) hosts an impressive online learning lab where you and your child can learn about African American art and history. 

Famous African Americans

8 Black Inventors Who Made Daily Life Easier (History.com)

Did you know that the traffic light, automatic elevator doors, the carbon filament in light bulbs were all created by Black inventors? This article from History.com will be sure to inspire kids who are interested in engineering.

10 African American Pioneers in Sports (Biography)

Does your child play sports? They might enjoy this article highlighting 10 notable African American athletes.

15+ Women to Celebrate this Black History Month (SocialStudies.com)

This article features a list of influential Black women, with links to learn more about their achievements.

African American Heroes (National Geographic Kids)

This page highlights 15 influential African Americans that kids should learn about. Clicking the “Read” button under any name to be brought to an article all about that historical figure. 

Fascinating Facts

11 Surprising Black History Facts to Teach Your Kids (Today)

This article lists 11 interesting and surprising Black history facts to share with your kids.

26 Fascinating Black History Month Facts for Students (We Are Teachers)

This article offers 26 bite-sized facts that can help you and your kids learn more about Black history.

Black History Month Quiz (National Archives Foundation)

Test your knowledge with this Black History Month quiz. After answering each question—whether you get it right or wrong—a brief explanation will pop up to provide you with some additional context.

Printable Black History Month Facts for Kids (Kids Activities)

This site features downloadable coloring pages filled with facts about Black history. 

Black Stories in Media

12 Black History Movies for Kids of All Ages

Watching a movie can be a great way to kick off discussions about representation. In this article, you’ll find recommendations for movies that celebrate Black stories. There are recommendations for elementary school kids as well as for teens.

Celebrating Black Voices (Common Sense Media)

This page on the Common Sense Media website compiles recommendations for books, movies, TV, and other media that positively portray Black characters. This is a great resource if you’re looking to diversify your family movie nights or expand your home library. 

Read Through History for Kids: Racial Justice Timeline 1954-1968 (Indianapolis Public Library)

This comprehensive resource from the Indianapolis Public Library provides a timeline of key events in the Civil Rights Movement. Each event is accompanied by a description and a list of relevant books (both fiction and non-fiction) that bring the events to life.

Ultimate Black History Reading Guide for Kids (USA Today)

Looking for more book recommendations? This article lists must-read children’s books that center around Black history or culture. Recommendations are separated into categories for young kids, tweens, and teens. 

We hope that these resources inspire you and your kids throughout the year!

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