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Teacher Appreciation Day: What Is It and How Can You Show Your Appreciation?

Teacher Appreciation Day is the perfect time to thank your child’s teachers for all of their hard work and dedication!

In 2024, Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 6–10, with Teacher Appreciation Day taking place on May 7. Learn more about the history of this holiday and how you can show appreciation for the teachers in your life.

What is Teacher Appreciation Day?

Teacher Appreciation Day is celebrated each year on the Tuesday of the first full week of May. It is part of a larger celebration known as Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs from Monday to Friday of the same week.

The holiday dates back to 1953, when Eleanor Roosevelt urged Congress to set aside a day to recognize educators. In 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association designated the first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week. Shortly after, Teacher Appreciation Day—which was originally celebrated in March—was moved to May to align with this week-long celebration.

The purpose of Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day is to celebrate the incredibly important work teachers do for our students!

Teachers play an essential role in shaping the futures of young learners. In addition to teaching kids crucial skills like literacy and math, they teach their students how to think critically, how to collaborate with others, and how to overcome obstacles. These are lessons that students will carry with them throughout their entire time at school, and even into their professional careers.

Teacher Appreciation Day gift ideas

What makes a good gift for Teacher Appreciation Day? There are a variety of ways to show your appreciation for teachers—and it doesn’t have to be anything complicated!

Here are a few ideas for celebrating your child’s teachers during Teacher Appreciation Day or Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • Letters and thank you notes: Handwritten letters and notes can be extremely meaningful for teachers. Write a message about the impact they’ve made on you and your child and give them something they can reread for motivation on tough days.
  • Handmade gifts: Looking for a more creative way to express your appreciation? Work with your child to create a handmade gift for their teacher. Paint a classroom banner or poster with a quote related to the class subject, craft your own magnets for your teacher’s whiteboard, or make a bouquet of pens or pencils.
  • School supplies: Items like dry erase markers, pencils, cleaning supplies and tissues get used up quickly. Take some stress out of your teacher’s day by surprising them with extra supplies for their classroom.
  • Volunteer: Are there opportunities to volunteer at your child’s school? For example, can you sign up to read to the class or chaperone for an upcoming field trip? Ask your child’s teacher how you can get more involved!
  • Donate: Every BASIS Charter School campus has an Annual Teacher Fund, which directly supports teachers through performance-based compensation. Donating to the Annual Teacher Fund is one of the best ways to show your support for our teachers! Learn more about the program and donate today.

How BASIS Charter Schools are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day

Schools across the BASIS Charter Schools network are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Week in a number of ways. We love seeing our students and families come together to support our teachers, all while strengthening our school culture and community!

Many of our schools, including BASIS Peoria and BASIS Oro Valley, are hosting community potlucks or providing catered lunch for teachers. Over at BASIS Scottsdale Primary West, students can buy flowers that will be delivered to teachers throughout Teacher Appreciation Week. Each flower comes with a personalized gift tag, so students can write a message of appreciation to their favorite teacher. Meanwhile, BASIS Baton Rouge Materra will be raffling off prizes and gift cards for teachers.

Want to learn more about our incredible teachers? BASIS Charter Schools is committed to hiring teachers who are experts in their subject matter and passionate about instilling a love of learning in our students. Find a BASIS Charter School near you and schedule a tour today to see our classrooms in action.

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