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What Is the Annual Teacher Fund?

Donating to BASIS Charter Schools is an investment in our transformative K–12 academic program. The main way we raise money for our schools is through our Annual Teacher Fund, a program that directly supports BASIS Charter School teachers. 100% of funds donated to the Annual Teacher Fund go towards performance-based compensation for our teachers.

With your support, we can create the best possible learning environments for our students and reward our incredible teachers. Learn more about what the Annual Teacher Fund is and how it works.

How does the Annual Teacher Fund work?

Every cent that is donated to the Annual Teacher Fund is earmarked for performance-based compensation for our teachers.

All of our schools have their own Annual Teacher Fund. Performance-based compensation is awarded annually, based on factors such as student performance on high-stakes tests and effectiveness of classroom instruction.

Why do we fundraise for the Annual Teacher Fund?

BASIS Charter Schools are tuition-free and publicly funded. However, funding for charter schools and traditional public schools is not equal.

Typically, charter schools receive less funding than their district public school counterparts. Nationwide, charter schools receive approximately 81 cents for every dollar received by district schools, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. To make up for this disparity, many charter schools rely heavily on donations from families.

Since BASIS Charter Schools follow a more rigorous curriculum than most public schools, it is imperative that we hire (and retain!) qualified teachers who are experts in their field. The Annual Teacher Fund enables us to do just that! All of the funds raised for the Annual Teacher Fund go back to our teachers, boosting morale and thereby increasing the quality of education we provide to our students.

We firmly believe that our teachers are integral to student success. Without our dedicated teachers, our network would not be able to maintain its impressive awards and rankings. Our teachers’ hard work and expertise is what enables our students to achieve at such high levels, consistently surpassing average test scores and earning acceptances to the most prestigious colleges in the U.S.

How can you support the Annual Teacher Fund?

You can start the process of donating to the Annual Teacher Fund by selecting a school on our Support BASIS Charter Schools page. 100% of all donations made will go to the BASIS Charter School of your choice.

We celebrate our donors in a number of ways—through handwritten thank you notes, donor appreciation events, recognition displayed in our schools’ front offices and on ParentSquare, and even an exclusive gala called Founders’ Circle. Donors also have the option of sponsoring a room on campus. These donors are recognized with a personalized wall plaque at the entrance of the sponsored room for the duration of the school year.

How can you maximize the impact of your donations?

While donations are accepted year round, keep a lookout for special fundraising opportunities! We amp up our fundraising efforts during our “Weeks of Giving.” These events typically occur twice a year—once in the fall, and once in the spring. During this time, schools will host unique events such as carnivals or fun runs to raise money for the Annual Teacher Fund. Additionally, we participate in 24-hour fundraisers benefiting local nonprofits, such as Arizona Gives Day in Arizona and 225Gives in Baton Rouge.

We encourage all donors to check if their employer provides matching gifts. It’s a simple way to double your donation and make an even bigger difference! Click here to see if your employer offers donation matching.

On behalf of all of our teachers and staff, thank you to all of our Annual Teacher Fund donors! Every gift, no matter the size, has a significant impact. Donate today to show your support for our talented teachers!

Amy Licht
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