Study Tips to Maximize Your Time

5 Simple Study Tips to Get the Maximum ROI for Your Time

When it comes to study tips, the ones that work are the ones that help you effectively manage your time. How you choose to spend your time is entirely up to you, and you will get out what you put in. 

Want to study less and retain more? Here’s how:

  • Get comfortable

Sure, you can get into some cozy loungewear to study, but getting comfortable with the content you’ll be covering is even more important. A little preparation can provide some prior knowledge to tap back into when the material is presented later. Skim or pre-read the content in advance to become more familiar with the material.

  • Break it up

Research shows that breaking up your work into blocks encourages better comprehension and retention of new material. Break down your active study time into manageable blocks, and reward yourself for your accomplishments with preset breaks. Set breaks and activities at regular time intervals and when you reach goals throughout your project. This technique can be easily applied to reading, writing, or research projects.

  • Restate and annotate

Quiz yourself periodically to see how much you’ve retained, and then go back to material you missed. Annotate throughout your reading by summarizing large amounts of information and rewriting the main ideas in your own words. Review new material the next day; for older material, wait longer. 

  • Find a study buddy

This can be one of the easiest study tips, and studying in pairs or groups is not only more fun, but it can also be more productive. Check in with your study buddy, and yourself, throughout your reading and study time. Ask each other questions and explain what you know to reinforce learning.

  • Dig a little

Extra time spent examining and exploring the material is well worth it. The more you connect with the content, the better you will retain new information.  Find concrete examples to illustrate abstract ideas, and practice dual coding—associating words and ideas with visuals—to make a lasting impression. These science-based techniques are proven to help you absorb new concepts and content faster and retain knowledge longer.

  • Use available resources 

College and university websites can be great places to find more strategies to help you study smarter. (Check out tips and tools in the virtual learning center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.)

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