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Limited Seats Available for 2024–2025


Charting a New Era: Unprecedented First Day Enrollment Numbers Achieved by Newest BASIS Charter Schools

The two newest BASIS Charter Schools in the Austin area—BASIS Cedar Park Primary and BASIS Cedar Park—have made history with remarkable first day enrollment, underscoring BASIS’ position as a beacon of innovation and excellence in education.

In total, there were 984 students on the campus of BASIS Cedar Park Primary (grades K–5) and BASIS Cedar Park (grades 6–9) for the first day of school. This marks the largest first day on a new BASIS Charter School campus, ever

The two schools are the 38th and 39th schools for our 25-year-old charter school network. There are now six schools on three campus sites in the Austin area. The two new schools join BASIS Austin, BASIS Austin Primary, BASIS Pflugerville, and BASIS Pflugerville Primary.

Note: There are still a few open seats in several grade levels at our Austin and Pflugerville campuses, although none remain at Cedar Park. Interested families can find a seat by clicking here. 

BASIS Texas Charter Schools—which was the Texas Education Agency’s #1 district statewide in 2022—is planning to open at least two more schools in the Austin area. Currently, BASIS Leander and BASIS Leander Primary are scheduled to open in August 2025.

“The Cedar Park campus looks amazing,” said Head of School Jennifer Higgins. “We’ve all been working extremely hard to get it ready for this incredible, invigorating first day. We knew it’d be a truly ‘grand’ opening—but setting this record is a level beyond!”

She added, “We knew there was a voracious appetite for our exceptional academic program here in the Cedar Park area.” 


There are 85 teachers and staff at BASIS Cedar Park and BASIS Cedar Park Primary campus, where some construction work continues. That work—which is not interfering with teachers, students, or classrooms—includes putting finishing touches on additional parking areas, classrooms, and labs for (future) students in grades 10–12, as well as the gymnasium. This construction will be complete by November.

Families on the waiting list for BASIS Cedar Park and BASIS Cedar Park Primary are encouraged to find an open seat at BASIS Austin, BASIS Austin Primary, BASIS Pflugerville, or BASIS Pflugerville Primary. Once a student is attending another BASIS Charter School, they get transfer priority to a different campus—whether it’s in Cedar Park, Leander, or anywhere else in Texas or the U.S. Please click here to find an open seat at a nearby campus.

BASIS Cedar Park Primary and BASIS Cedar Park’s first year is certainly off to a great start! We can’t wait to see everything that our students, teachers, and staff accomplish over the course of the year.

Amy Licht
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