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BASIS Goodyear Students Receive Recognition at Choral Festival

Last week, BASIS Goodyear students participated in The AzACDA Junior High/Middle School Choral Festival and received an award of excellence for their performance.

The Golden Eagle Singers from BASIS Goodyear

The Golden Eagle Singers consists of 100 grade 5 students from BASIS Goodyear. The choir is directed by Subject Expert Teacher Tavious Peterkin. Although the Golden Eagle Singers performed at school showcases throughout the year, participating in a statewide festival was a different type of experience for the students. “Students are exposed to other choirs and are able to further apply the performance skills they’ve been learning in class,” says Mr. Peterkin. “They also get to perform for a different audience than what they are used to.”

The AzACDA is the Arizona chapter of the American Choral Director’s Association. On Friday, May 5, 2023, the AzACDA held its Junior High/Middle School Choral Festival. Mr. Peterkin says the festival is all about students coming together to demonstrate skills such as music literacy, discipline, and teamwork.

The Golden Eagles ended up receiving an award of excellence for their performance at the festival. Congratulations, Golden Eagle Singers!

AzACDA Excellent Award

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