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Click, Click, Snap: Getting Your Child Ready for Their Yearbook Photo

Is your student ready for their closeup?

A senior year yearbook photo is one of the most exciting pictures your student will sit for. The culmination of 12 years of transformation captured forever within the pages of their yearbook. It will likely be one of the pictures they show their children and even grandchildren. 

No matter what grade your child is in, a little pre-planning goes a long way in  ensuring that their yearbook photo turns out great! 


  • Help your student pick out something that makes them feel good. Suggest that they choose their best color, and something that fits well. When they feel good, they look good!
  • Keep it simple. Loud prints, and lots of accessories do not make for the best photo. Your student should opt for subtle jewelry with not a lot of movement.
  • Get your outfit ready beforehand. Make sure your student’s outfit is laundered and ironed. No digging through the hamper on picture day.


  • Stick with what your student knows. Now is not the time for a daring new makeover. They can always get that new haircut, piercing, or try out those new makeup looks for when they can afford to experiment without it being a permanent part of their history.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Help your child practice the type of smile they want to do for their photo. This may be the only time you encourage your teen to take selfies, but it is a good way get that great smile down.


  • Get a good nights’ sleep. Well-rested equals bright eyes and a big smile. No one wants undereye circles or bags on the big day.
  • Blemishes? No picking! Most photographers offer retouching for certain skin issues if you find it necessary, and they are more likely able to get rid of a small spot versus a much larger inflamed one!
  • Suggest your student check their teeth! No one wants breakfast or lunch stuck in their smile. Bringing a toothbrush and/or floss might be a good idea for those last-minute dental hygiene fixes.
  • One last look. Not that you need to tell them, but taking one last look in the mirror (or on their phone camera) is always a good idea. Stray hairs need not apply!

The best tip? Have fun with the yearbook photo process! Take a moment to remember that picture day is exciting because it gives you something you can look back on for years to come. 

Say cheese!

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Amy Licht
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