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Rosalind Thompson and Roberto Ramirez

Meet Our Baton Rouge Family Favorites Nominees

Baton Rouge Family Favorites, as named by Baton Rouge Parents magazine are determined by popular vote to recognize those businesses and individuals who best serve the community. This year we are fortunate to have our two BASIS Charter Schools in Baton Rouge, and their Heads of School, Rosalind Thompson and Roberto Ramirez nominated.

Find out more about these educators and why you should vote them as Family Favorites in the Favorite Charter Elementary School Principal and Favorite Middle School Principal categories.

Please tell us a little about yourself, your background, and how long you have been with BASIS Charter Schools.

Rosalind: After a long career as a HR executive and consultant, I looked for a new career that was mission driven. I joined BASIS in 2013 because I loved their philosophies and success. Since then I have been the Head of School of six campuses for BASIS. 

Roberto: I have been at BASIS for 14 years. My education career started over 20 years ago as a special education assistant teacher in a middle school in Arizona. Since then, I have had the opportunity to serve students, teachers, and families in many capacities. One of the most rewarding ones has been opening our first campus here in Baton Rouge. Today, we serve hundreds of families and more than a thousand students. 

Tell us why your school campus is so unique.

Rosalind: It’s our families and students! I have truly enjoyed opening and managing the newest Baton Rouge campus, because I adore them and the city of Baton Rouge. We have a terrific community.

Roberto: Everyone is welcome at BASIS regardless of their background or academic readiness. We offer students an advanced, world-class education free of cost, and without the barrier of selective admission. Our only ask is that students work hard and believe in themselves. We also believe in educating the whole child; therefore, courses such as Mandarin, Drama, Music, Art, Martial arts, and Physical Education are a vital part of our education.  Our ultimate goal is to provide all students with an excellent education and a supportive and nurturing environment.

Describe your leadership approach.

Rosalind: My role is to support our teachers in doing their job. I am a listener, and problem solver.

Roberto: A leader is only as strong as their team, and I believe in surrounding myself with the utmost professional and talented people. I like to collaborate with, support, and empower my team, so we can all better serve our students and families.

Roberto, I understand that you are transitioning to a new role in Texas; what responsibilities will you be taking on?

Roberto: This is bittersweet for me. After four wonderful years, I am embarking on a new adventure in Texas. I will serve as the Vice President of Development and Philanthropic Partnerships for BASIS.ed Texas. Additionally, I will be the Founding Head of School for BASIS Cedar Park in the 2023-2024 school year. I am humbled by the opportunity to continue to support students and families across our network.

* Editor’s note: We would like to introduce Jared Lamb as the new Head of School. Mr. Lamb is a dedicated leader who has been working as an educator, in Louisiana, since 2003. For the past 12 years, he has served as a school principal in New Orleans, most recently as the leader of the K-8, Inspire 42 Charter School. He has a track record of driving student achievement, and under his leadership his schools attained some of the highest academic gains across the city. He is thrilled to join the team at BASIS Baton Rouge – Materra Campus!

What would it mean for you and your school to be voted Family Favorites in Baton Rouge Parents magazine?

Rosalind:  To be recognized for this award after our first post COVID year would validate that we are on the right track in supporting our city with a strong educational option for families.

Roberto: We want to thank the community and our families for their support. This accolade would demonstrate to our teachers, students, and school community how much their work matters. Education is not easy; however, it is one of the most rewarding professions. I want to take this opportunity to send a huge thank you to all educators out there. They deserve all of our admiration and respect for what they do. Geaux teachers!

To vote for Rosalind Thompson, Roberto Ramirez, the BASIS Baton Rouge Primary – Mid City Campus and the BASIS Baton Rouge – Materra Campus, click here. We appreciate all the support our community has shown for educators who are supporting your students every single day.

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity

Amy Licht
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